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This page of the site will be dedicated to providing 
free information about guitar care, maintenance, etc..

Tips for Guitarists:
Care and Maintenance of the Instrument

(These tips basically apply to all string instruments, instruments in general and other fine items)

ALFIERI GUITARS Long Island, NY USA Don Alfieri

HUMIDITY: In dry conditions (in the northeastern USA, when the heat gets turned on in the fall and through the winter until the heat gets turned off) some sort of device should be placed in the instrument case to keep the humidity level acceptable (see Storage below). Check every couple of days! Do NOT use apples or some other bio-degradable object (yes, I have heard of this being done). POLISH: Use a high quality, white cream polish designated for guitars, furnitue or lacquered wood objects. Do NOT even think about using any substance that contains silicon. Avoid like the plague any music store or "repair" shop that uses or even stocks for resale any product that contains silicon. RESTRINGING: When changing strings it is advisable to replace all the strings for the best tonal balance and intonation. But do NOT remove all the strings at one time. Instead, remove one string, replace and bring the new string up to correct pitch before loosening another string for removal. STORAGE: Ideally, instruments should be stored at 50% RH /72F. Ranges of 30-70% RH and 60-80F are acceptable. Extremes past these numbers are dangerous. Avoid under 20% humidity and freezing or over 100 temperatures. NEVER leave an instrument in an attic, damp basement, trunk of a car, or hanging on or in a closet of an outside wall, etc.. If you wouldn't be comfortable somewhere, neither would your guitar. The best advice I can offer, after being around guitars for over thirty-five years, is, if it isn't in your lap it should be in a closed and locked wooden case. OTHER QUESTIONS: Clients are always welcome to e-mail, telephone or write with questions. Non-clients are requested to e-mail for technical assistance. Thank you. "A fine guitar isn't's priceless!" TIPS 2000

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