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Alfieri Guitars provides fine acoustic, electric and classic guitars,

repairs and restorations to the tri-state area and beyond.
Don Alfieri has performed authorized warranty work on
C.F. Martin, Gibson and Epiphone instruments,
the U.S.'s most respected and leading fretted instrument manufacturers. We regularly work on the finest guitars, lutes and mandolins and our clientele (whom we'd like to thank at this time) include:

Jorma Kaukonen

(Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna):  repairs,restorations.

We restored and repaired a number of guitars for Jorma, including his
prized J-50 with which he recored "Embryonic Journey" (this is the
guitar solo you sometimes hear on our voice mail message).

Dave Bromberg

(Recording and concert folk-blues artist):  bought a violin and some
bows from us.  A great guy and  an outstanding guitarist.  

In Alphabetical Order:

(This page under construction.)

(If you are a client of ours and your name was

overlooked and you wish it included, just let us know.)

Advance Services:  appraisals.
Allstate:  appraisals.
Austrian Blake (Antarctic Recordings): guitars, repairs, 
restorations. Frank Carillo (guitarist, songwriter, producer): guitars, repairs. Sean Carmody (Law and Order, War): repairs. Collectors (confidentiality requested): vintage and historic
instruments, restorations, appraials. Early Trades and Crafts Society: lecture. Epiphone Guitars: authorized repairs. Heather Forest (singer, story-teller): restorations, repairs. Al Fury and the Riders of the Whistling Skull (Davenport
Productions): guitars, repairs, restorations. Gibson Guitars: authorized repairs. Barry Goody (of Sam Goody reknown): repairs. Dee Harris (rock and blues singer/songwriter): instruments, repairs. Estelle Hendricks (Huntington Folk Music Society): repairs. Dancing Hoods (Relativity Records): vintage rock guitars, repairs. Joseph Iadone (post WWII lute revival): repairs. Hans Jennerjahn (Christmas Chord Recordings): guitars, repairs. Steve Kay (LI singer/songwriter): repairs and guitars. Lincoln Center Crafts Festival: exhibition and concert. Mark Marino Trio (soundtrack for the
Burt Lancaster film, "Rocket Gilbralter"):
vintage jazz guitars and repairs. Martin Guitars: authorized repairs. J. Morell (BMI/Nashville recording artist): repairs, guitars. Gene Morris (NYC/Greenwich Village performer): repairs. Nassau County Museum/Sands Point Preserve: recommended by. Paul Artin Van Lines: appraisals. Duane Pepper and the Disasters (catastrophic Rock and Roll):
guitars, repairs. Port Washington Historical Society: antique tool identification. Jim Ponds (formerly of the Turtles): repairs. Sands Point Preserve/Nassau County Museum: recommended by. Patricia Shih (Flying Fish recording artist and songwriter):
repairs. Erick Shoenberg (folk artist): 000-28. United Airlines: appraisals. The Same Thing: repairs. Vores (NYC punk group): repairs.